February BBQ tradition?

Can you call it a tradition if you have only done something twice? Well, we have done a weird cook-outside-in-February thing 2 years running and thought it should be documented.  I tried out my new Sigma Art 35mm and I'm pretty pleased with it although its bulky, the clarity is great. Although it helped the that low winter light was excellent.  This lot messing around out in the (RARE) winter sun made for some pretty and funny pictures. Here's a few. 

(Mini) Assistant photographer.

I have a 4.5yr old assistant. He has been learning about shutter speed, as you do. Here's some pics we did as an experiment the other day. 



I got a little bored today so decided to take photos of fruit against my newly painted black wall.  I think the last time I had the luxury of being bored was maybe 5 years ago. It's a bit of a mixed blessing, Myles is at school and it was this or sorting washing = no brainer. 

p.s. It was a 5 cups of coffee day today. (I don't know why you needed to know that I just felt like sharing) 

Citrus fruit in a Mexican bowl.
Fruit Bowl Obvs.

Editing archives = Print more photographs (short version).

I decided it was time to sort though my old work in order to gain insights/inspiration of what to do next.  Anyway, having spent hours trawling through many digital images (on 4 different ex drives) it dawned on me that there were some of my archival photos that I had overlooked -the actual physical negatives, slides and C-prints hiding in the loft. The images I found were like a time warp, not because of the subjects and the passing of time particularly but simply the action of holding of the physical prints and noting the care taken to wrap and store them.  It made me a little wistful for the 'old school way' of actually PRINTING PHOTOGRAPHS.

Note to self, print more photographs in 2018. Even if they are digital images, there's noting quite like experiencing the thick glossy depth of the printed image. It makes it art again. 

 Jimbo at the Window.   Old Ilford 400 film, taken around 2002. 

Jimbo at the Window. 

Old Ilford 400 film, taken around 2002.